Aqua Scale Baby Bathtub Stand

Aqua Scale Baby Bathtub Stand

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An essential accessory to the Aqua Scale baby bathtub.

Specially designed to fit the Aquascale, this stand is the essential accessory for the first 6 months of the baby.

It will provide to parents the optimum standing position during bath time.

  • Stable with its 4 reinforced legs

  • Stands alone when folded

  • Elegant, ergonomic and helpful to hang towels, baby cloths

  • Comfortable and suitable for all mums with its 95cm height 

  • Made of steel with high-resistant coated painting

As any new parent or pediatrician can attest, healthy weight gain is crucial in the first few months of a child's life. Aqua Scale the first multifaceted baby bath tub of its kind, allows parents to know the precise weight of their baby while constantly monitoring the temperature of the water all during bath time.The 3-in-1 baby bath tub from Aqua Scale has been updated! Complete with patented, innovative technology this new and improved design includes a refreshed design and interface, helping parents monitor their child's development as well as providing peace of mind at bath time!The unique shape of the tub and anti-slip insert safely holds babies for up to 2 years old (or until they can sit up unassisted). Set the scales to either lbs or oz and simply place baby into the tub for a precise weight reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Aqua Scale has a built-in thermometer gauge that reads the bath water temperature and accurately displays the results on the digital LCD screen – making sure the water is a safe temperature before bath time even begins.
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