Baby Jogger City Mini & GT Bug Canopy

Baby Jogger City Mini & GT Bug Canopy

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Designed with a fine woven mesh that provides ventilation while protecting your child.

Completely encloses the front and side of the stroller with a fine woven mesh while providing ventilation.

Compatible with the Baby Jogger City Mini & City Mini GT.
In 1984 Baby Jogger created the first jogging stroller to solve a problem active parents were facing: how does one keep jogging with a toddler? In the years since, they’ve moved far beyond joggers. Today’s parents are trying to do more than ever with their children. They want to be in more places and see more things, and Baby Jogger strollers are designed to keep pace with them. From strollers that fold into your hand to strollers that adapt to your growing family—we’ve got you covered.Baby Jogger is inspired and energized by creating solutions that allow you to more easily get out into the world and experience it all with your family.
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