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Beaba Bib'Second Control 3 n 1 Bottle Warmer

Beaba Bib'Second Control 3 n 1 Bottle Warmer


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An essential for when baby arrives! This is a bottle warmer, steriliser, jar warmer and defroster.
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This a multipurpose 3-in-1 product. It is a bottle warmer, it can sterilize a bottle or even pacifiers, warm jars of baby food when you are weaning and it can also defrost frozen milk or food jars.

It controls the temperature at the centre of the bottle/jar and you can choose from two settings either room or body temperature. This heating is ultra fast in 60 seconds your bottle can be ready. There is also an automatic switch-off with a sound and light signal.

  • Controls the temperature at the centre of the bottle/jar

  • Ultra fast heating time 60 seconds

  • Choice of temperature: room or body temperature

  • Easy to use with just one hand

  • Automatic switch-off (sound and light signal)

When it was founded in 1989, BEABA immediately delighted mothers who were looking for quality, easy of use, and genuinely innovative products, and all of that with contemporary lines.

When the French company launched its Babycook®, a new page was turned in the world of childcare.

BEABA has shown that it is an expert in innovative concepts, with consistently original designs, ergonomic shapes, and colours which brighten or soften spaces.

A BEABA solution for every problem, mothers love them because, at last, they are understood.

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