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Bedding Bliss Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress

Bedding Bliss Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress

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The Bedding Bliss Sleeping Hollow Mommy Mattress is the Perfect Recipe for a Blissful Night's Sleep!

As the name suggests, the Sleeping Hollow mattress comes with a removable insert to provide supportive hollow for mommy during pregnancy.

The removable insert accommodates the enlarged abdomen of the mother-to-be, allowing her much needed rest. Via the uniquely curved design of the mattress, pregnant women can lie on their stomach until full term.

After pregnancy, the mattress can be converted back to the classic model.

Bedding Bliss mattresses are made with a uniquely shaped core that uses no springs. This core is wrapped in three different densities of Viscose Elastic, each layer a specific composition to give a comfortable and luxurious feel, no matter which way you lie on it.

There are three unique types of mattress within the bedding bliss range:

1. Inspiration
2. Sleeping hollow
3. Hybrid

  • Undisturbed sleep – viral during pregnancy

  • Support for the upper and lower body

  • Alleviates pressure on stomach

  • Relieves pressure on veins-reducing risk of viscosity

  • Relieves pressure on the uterus

  • Relieves pressure on the back, whether lying on side or stomach

  • Assists lymph damage

  • Promotes circulation

  • After pregnancy the mattress can be converted back to our classic mode

  • Soft woven material finish that is is durable and protective

  • Made with a Flame Retardent level that surpasses the saftey standards across the world

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