Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest White

Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest White

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Loved by thousands of babies and parents, the Cocoonababy is an ergonomic cocoon for newborns up to 3-4 months (or when baby starts rolling). It helps to reduce the involuntary jerky movements which wake baby, limits the risk of ‘flat head syndrome’ and limits gastric reflux. 

Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him with a comforting, reassuring, womb-like space, the Cocoonababy® helps the newborn make the transition to the outside world as smooth as possible.

The semi-foetal position, in which baby is as if contained and in a slightly curved posture, soothes and reassures him. It helps limit the onset of problems which could affect him during his first few months and encourages all-round development.

It improve the quality and length of sleep,  reduces waking with a start or Moro reflex, limit reflux problems , minimize the risk of flat head, Encourage all-round development.

The Cocoonababy® nest includes the Tummy Band reassures and soothes baby by applying a light pressure on his tummy, without hindering his freedom of movement.

  • Tummy Band helps maintain baby in the ideal position in the nest 

  • Adjustable, removable wedge (situated below the fitted sheet) which allows baby to lie on his back in a semi-foetal position and to be wedged in the nest at the correct height

  • Technical info : For use from birth (from 2.8 kg / 6lb 2.7oz) and until the child starts trying to turn over or to adopt a different position (approx. 3-4 months). 

  • For use in a cot with the cot base in the lowest position, the depth above the cot mattress must be superior to 50cms, or for use on the ground on a carpet or rug,

  • Do not use in a Moses basket, a rocking cradle, or in a stroller carrycot

  • Fabric content: Foam : 100% PU Fitted sheet : 100% cotton / wadding 100% polyester. Protective cover : 100% Tencel®. Membrane: 100 % PU. Tummy band : 100% cotton / 100% polyester wadding. 

  • Care: Machine washable textiles: Full protective cover at 60°, Tummy band and fitted sheet at 30°

  • Conforms to safety requirements

  • Weight: 1 kg 

  • Dimensions (L x w x h) : 69 x 40 x 19 cm

  • Our commitment to the well-being of your child

    Because at Red Castle we feel so strongly about children’s needs - and those of their parents - we have always been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality. Our commitment is built upon three fundamental elements:


    Our expertise in this area enables us to offer products which continue to be of the highest quality. We use only the best materials (100% organic cotton, very soft Fleur de Coton® fabric, 2 ply 100% cashmere …) all of which are environmentally friendly and guarantee an unequalled level of comfort and well-being for your child.


    It will reassure parents of young children to know that Red Castle products are designed in-house with highly qualified, competent teams.  In order to continually offer products with real added value, we also work closely with many people in the medical world. Thanks to this on-going collaboration, our products will always provide well-being and safety for your child. An example of this is the Cocoonababy® nest which was originally created for premature babies in hospital neonatal units.  This product has evolved and now exists in a size for full-term babies. It is used in a great many hospitals and maternity clinics for newborns as well as in thousands of homes to help babies adapt to life outside the womb.


    We dedicate an important part of our time and investment to children’s safety.
    While our products comply with the safety standards in the countries in which they are distributed, we actually like to ensure that they surpass the mandatory safety obligations.  They are guaranteed to be free from heavy metals, AZO dyes and phthalates and regularly undergo quality controls and tests by independent certified laboratories.
    We never compromise when it comes to choosing the materials used to manufacture Red Castle products which is why we can say that they offer maximum security to your child.

    “Only the best for your baby” is at the heart of our commitment.

    We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

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