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Doona+ Infant Car Seat and Stroller


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The Doona+™ is an award winning next generation car seat that was designed to provide parents a safe and practical mobility solution for their baby, both in and outside of the car. The new enhanced Doona+ features a special memory foam head support cushion and which provides addition side impact protection.

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The Doona™ is the next generation infant car seat that combines the highest standard in safety and a revolutionary integrated travel system that has already won multiple industry awards.

The only car seat with integrated wheels, Easy Instant Fold, Compact Storage, One touch brake, Includes seat protector.

Babies’ natural and recommended positions are either lying flat on a solid surface or in their parents’ arms. In these positions, a baby’s body is free to move, thus encouraging its development. However, in today’s world families are much more “on-the-go”, requiring parents to secure, and often restrain, their baby when in transit. Doona™ was designed with this primary goal in mind: to provide parents like you with a safe and practical solution for carrying your baby. Global Engineering, Safety and Medical experts spent the last several years developing Doona™. Their key focus was ensuring that your baby is safe and comfortable both inside and outside of the car. Naturally, Doona™ was designed to achieve maximal protection for the baby in the car. However, due to the nature of the product, and inspired by the position of a baby in its mother’s arms, Doona™, and its unique Newborn Insert, were designed to fully support the baby even when used outside of the car. The baby’s position in the Doona™ allows it to interact freely and maintain direct eye contact, thus facilitating its development. As with any stroller, car seat or other such device, medical professionals agree that a baby should not be restrained for long periods of time. Therefore, Simple Parenting recommends not to keep your baby restrained in the Doona™ for longer than required.

The Doona+ has improved head support cushion made of memory foam with high energy absorbing qualities and additional side impact protection. And the seat fabric is now machine washable.


    • The only car seat with integrated wheels

    • The Doona+ has improved head support cushion made of memory foam with high energy absorbing qualities and additional side impact protection

    • Easy Instant Fold

    • Compact Storage

    • One touch brake

    • Inner cushion is Bamboo Charcoal fibre which is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, humidity and thermal regulating

    • Fabric is machine washable

    • Suitability (EU): Rearward facing infant car seat

    • Group: 0+

    • Infant Weight: 1.8-13Kg

    • Product weight: 7kg


The Hong Kong brand Doona™ is the world’s first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution.

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