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AeroSleep Aero Bed Bumper

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AeroSleep Aero Bed Bumper


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This unique bumper is made of a breathable structured fabric that will let your child breathe freely if their face gets pressed up to the bumper while moving in their sleep.

Babies move around a lot in their sleep and can end up in different parts of the cot. A bed bumper at least ensures that your baby won’t bang his/her head against the bars of the cot.

However, there have been concerns in the past that it could be dangerous if the baby ended up with their mouth or nose pressed against the bed bumper, blocking their supply of oxygen. However, the unique breathable structure of the Aerosleep Bed Bumper ensures that the sleeping baby can continue to breathe freely.

In fact, Aerosleep was awarded a prestigious Baby Product Award 2012 for this innovative technology. Size is 60 x 120.

  • Size 60 x 120

AeroSleep NV is a young, innovative Belgian company with its head office in Ninove. The AeroSleep concept is based on the desire to improve the safety of the baby's sleeping environment. Specifically in connection with cot death, AeroSleep has always played a pioneering role by constantly investing to improve the sleep safety of little babies.

Moreover, over the past few years AeroSleep has continuously been innovative and conducted research into sleep, perspiration and cot death. By making considerable investment in scientific tests, they distinguish themselves from other manufacturers in the baby sector.

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