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Beaba Cameleo Change Table Mineral

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Beaba Cameleo Change Table Mineral


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This multi-purpose change table can be used on the top of drawers, over the top of a cot or even over the bath.

A great light and compact solution which is ideal for small spaces or those who live in a multi-story house.

Multi-use fixation system, fixes onto a home bath, onto a cot or onto the Cameleo stand, adapting to your lifestyle and habits. It features two retractable side trays to provide stoarge for your baby change products.

It has high back and side edges, limiting the risk of falling (please never leave baby unattended). The PVC washable mattress is easy to removable and reversible and the suction pads on the bottom giving optimal grip to a bath.

Maximum weight use: 15 kg.

  • 2 retractable side trays: To place baby changing products 

  • High back and side edges: Limiting the risk of falling 

  • PVC washable mattress, removable and reversible: Easy to clean 

  • Mattress with falling edge: For more comfort when the parent is leaning over the changing mat 

  • Suction pads: Optimal grip to a bath 

  • Maximum weight use: 15 kg

When it was founded in 1989, BEABA immediately delighted mothers who were looking for quality, easy of use, and genuinely innovative products, and all of that with contemporary lines.

When the French company launched its Babycook®, a new page was turned in the world of childcare.

BEABA has shown that it is an expert in innovative concepts, with consistently original designs, ergonomic shapes, and colours which brighten or soften spaces.

A BEABA solution for every problem, mothers love them because, at last, they are understood.

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