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Deryan Air Traveller

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Deryan Air Traveller


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During busy times it is not always possible to get a bassinet while travelling or you may have a baby that wont settle - Deryan has created the perfect solution for this!

This handy travel seat was made for babies under 2 years that need to travel on your lap while flying. As it is not always possible to get a bassinet seat on busy flights or when there is a lot of turbulence you need to take baby onto your lap anyway - this little chair can help out.

The Air Traveller can be used both as a seat and as a bed. It equally spreads the weight of your child, which means that there is less pressure on your lap. The seat can be easily turned around so that your child can sit facing you or away from you. By unclicking the straps turns the seat into a mattress so that your baby can get a restful sleep.

The cover is fully washable. The Air Traveller comes in a compact package, weighs less than 1 kilogram so it is easily taken in your hand luggage.

  • Two in one - chair and a mattress

  • Inflatable

  • Carry as hand luggage on the plane

  • Less and 1kg


Deryan BV was formed in 2001 by its owner Roy van Aalst and is based in Elst, The Netherlands. The name of the company is a combination of the forenames of his two sons, Dean and Ryan. The DERYAN TEAM has been working for years with great enjoyment on splendid and exclusive products that focus on the baby market. We have patented many of these products around the world. A young, dynamic and motivated team works fervently every day on the development of its products and all aspects of the development are done in-house.

Deryan products have been successfully sold throughout the world for many years. Our products are available worldwide through an extensive dealer network in over 120 countries.

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