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DreamGood Co-Sleeper Beech

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DreamGood Co-Sleeper Beech

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For most new parents the worst part is getting out of bed at night to feed your baby. The Dreamgood crib offers an alternative to this!

When a new baby arrives day becomes night and vice versa. For most new parents the worst part is getting out of bed at night to feed your baby.

The DreamGood crib offers an alternative to this. The cot attaches to the side of the parents' bed, providing a separate space for the baby to sleep in but still within arm's reach of Mum & Dad. The baby receives all the benefits of a traditional co-sleeping relationship; that of reduced risk of cot death, easier access for breastfeeding and more night time contact for bonding.

  • Attaches to the side of a frame bed with the use of two fasteners which can be adjusted to any height. This holds it securely in place.

  • The fittings and mattress level adjust independently allowing complete flexibility and height adjustability.

  • Fits all beds, easy installation, no alteration or drilling necessary.

  • The maximum height for the babybay mattress is 58cm from the floor. ideal for use until a baby is around 9 months old.

  • Dimensions: 86 x79 x46 cm.

  • Weight: 11 kg.

  • Mattress included.

For nearly 10 years Babybay has been developing and producing their ingenious concept in solid beech which is free from all hazardous substances. The unique Babybay has generated inspiration in nearly half a million Parents in Europe.

Secure in the sleep space of his own crib your baby will sleep right next to you. You will always have physical contact without disturbing the baby’s sleeping patterns. Finally nighttime will be relaxing for the whole family again.

The babybay can be manually fixed to every parent’s bed without the use of tools. It’s also easily manageable if you want to use the babybay thoughout the day with you as a bassinet. Just detach the Babybay from the parent’s bed.


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