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This convertible baby cot transforms from bedside cradle to a full size crib!

This bed can be used as a bedside cradle then covert to a full size cot.

  • Convertible baby cradle

  • Impeccably varnished wood and natural beech

  • L 84 - W 48 - H 104 cm


HugsFactory® offers exquisite style for fashion conscious families.


Our products are unparalleled in the world of baby fashion. We turn Italian craftsmanship and global consciousness into works of art.


Only the highest quality natural woods, organic textiles, and non-toxic materials are used for every breathtaking design. The timeless elegance and artistry of our entire range has made HugsFactory® the ‘must-have’ brand for every expectant mother and proud father.


At the heart of our fashionable design is an emphasis on true luxury in every sense of the word. Our products are crafted in Italy, and comfort and safety are of paramount importance.


HugsFactory® products encompass all aspects of the formative years, from complete nursery and toddler room furnishings to wardrobes, changing tables, cribs, highchairs, clothing and even toys.


As your family grows, so too will your HugsFactory® collection.

We can ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai.

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