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Entertain your little one.
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Entertain your little one in their carseat or carrycot with these cute characters from Maxi-Cosi.


With his spiky hair and stripey outfit, Max is quite the rebel. Grab his hands, shake him or even chew on his tail... he doesn't mind, because Max is tough and will flash you his biggest grin!


Strong and cuddly, Sam likes to show off his perfect curl and wrap himself around your arm, car seat, bed or pram. Do you see anyone familiar in his belly mirror?


Girly and bubbly, you will find Lisa always dancing around and giggling at the noise her tutu makes when she moves. Share your tales of adventures great and small, because with her special ears, Lisa understands your gurgles perfectly.

  • 2 play/discovery features.

  • Perfect match with Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix Car Seat or any stroller.

  • Easy to attach/detach.

  • Machine washable

The year: 1984, a time when car travel for children meant a very limited choice of unsafe options.

Options such as unrestrained carrycots for babies and chairs simply hung over the back seat for toddlers.

However, 1984 was also the year that saw the introduction of Europe’s very first infant car seat. It was introduced by Maxi-Cosi and it was quite simply a revolution.


Brought to Europe by a small Dutch company


The concept of this infant car seat originated in the US, and was brought to Europe by a Dutch entrepreneur called Sjef van der Linden.

Sjef ran a successful retail nursery store in Helmond, Holland where the Dutch head office of Maxi-Cosi is still located. The moment he saw the concept, he knew it was perfect, and the first Maxi-Cosi car seat was born.


Everyone at Maxi-Cosi has set themselves a single, unified mission: to understand what it means to be a modern parent.

To understand the true ups and downs of family life.

To be intimately aware of the everyday stresses, burdens and uncertainties of parenthood.

And, most importantly, to appreciate the absolute joy that comes with being a mum or dad.

Only by knowing, understanding and appreciating all of this can they develop child mobility and caring solutions that multiply, maximise, and prolong every joyful moment of parenthood.

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