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Nippaz Cryin Maiden Babygrow

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An alternative gift for a newborn baby.
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Nippaz With Attitude has been making alternative kids clothes and babywear since 2001.

Their unique designs and slogans are inspired by a love of graphic design, urban living, street art, tattoos, grafitti, hip hop, rock n roll, and all kinds of other cool music.

If you're after an alternative gift for a newborn baby boy or baby girl, or simply a cool kids T-shirt, then by choosing something from this range of baby and kids clothing you're sure to have an awesome gift for any babyshower, first birthday party, or Christmas present.

All of their baby and kids clothes are made from 100% soft cotton, and are screenprinted here in London - the prints won't wash or rub off, though they may fade naturally over time to give that lovely vintage feel.

  • Made from 100% pure soft cotton.

  • Wash/wear to high standards so you’ll be able to hand them down to future brothers and sisters.

  • Waterbased or discharge inks are used wherever possible so the prints will fade naturally like the vintage band T-shirts.

  • They use nickel-free poppers and safe inks.

  • Alternative baby and kids clothes made in the UK with original screenprints.

Cool funky kids clothing
After art school and a short stint as a graphic designer Ian spent many years working for the UK's largest independent record company; and when they say “work” they mean listen to demos all day and hang about in scummy venues all night. The party was over however in 2000, after he had a 6am pun epiphany with the name Nippaz With Attitude. Clearly the only sane thing to do after that was leave the shallow money trench of the music business and begin designing babywear.

Before starting at Spitalfields Market in early 2001 he went over his extensive pre-launch checklist ...Wing? Check ...Prayer?? Check. Later that day there was much frivolous pointing and laughing (the good kind) from both the public and celebrity loiterers alike; and being a man who needs very little encouragement he’s carried on this whole impecunious charade ever since.

He combines his design alter-ego McNaja with his role as NWA's Chief Cultural Shoplifter, and naively considers his work to be a subversive weapon in the brutal fight against ignorance and ugliness. He has an unhealthy obsession with typography, bad puns, tattooing, and sunshine. And an irritating tendency to write about himself in the third person.


Cool funky kids clothing
AKA The NWA Fairly Godmother and the tireless backbone of the operation.

Born in Bram Stoker's hometown, she was ironically drawn to the bright lights of London where she could fully indulge her love of getting lost in music. She started working at the legendary Vinyl Experience and never looked back.

After a traumatic motorcycle smash she ran (surely limped? Biog Ed.) away to Uganda and did voluntary work out at a remote bush hospital. Such survival skills proved handy when she finally returned to the UK and ended up knee deep in the music business...hitting the road with The Breeders, running an Indie record label of US Lo-Fi bands, and flying off on Spinal Tap-esque European tours with the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control. In hindsight they can pinpoint this moment as the start of her passion for oddly named 3-word outfits.

After working for the management company of heavy weight guitarists Tony Iommi and Jeff Beck she turned her back on rock n’ roll for the next four years, testing her formidable organisational skills on setting up and running an office for over 900 yoga teachers. After the Yogic calm finally ran out she tuned in, dropped out and hit the road; travelling sixteen countries in fourteen months. She returned to London where she made the most wreckless move of her career; joining old friend Ian in their pursuit of World Domination for NWA.

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