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Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Baby Set


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Bringing your child closer .

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The Tripp Trapp® Baby SetTMis comprised of the Seating rail, Crotch strap, and Baby back plate.

The Baby back plate hooks onto the original Tripp Trapp®, which supports and moves your child forward in their seat. Bringing your child closer to the optimized Seating rail and Crotch strap, the Baby back plate offers increased support and stability, as well as allowing your child to sit closer to you at the table.

The Tripp Trapp® Baby SetTM provides optimal sitting safety during your child's first months and years, and continues until the time when your child is able to climb in and out of their chair independently.

  • The seating rail provides additional security for your child whilst seated.

  • Reduces the risk of your child climbing out of the Tripp Trapp® highchair.

  • Prevents your child from sliding between the Seating rail and Tripp Trapp® seat plate.

  • Reduces the risk of your child sliding out of the Tripp Trapp®.

  • Provides increased support and stability.

  • Brings your child forward in the seat and closer to you at the table.

  • Allows easy assembly and attachment of the Baby SetTM to the Tripp Trapp® highchair.

  • The Tripp Trapp® Baby SetTM set is available in many different colours. Enables you to choose the Baby SetTM, which best compliments or provides contrast to your Tripp Trapp® highchair.

  • Produced from easy-to-clean materials including reinforced and robust polypropylene plastic, allowing you to easily wipe, clean and maintain the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™. The Baby back rest is also dishwasher safe.

Stokke AS was founded in Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway, in 1932 and is today led by CEO, Anton van de Putte. Stokke provides worldwide distribution of premium children´s furniture and equipment within the highchair, stroller, baby carrier, home textiles and nursery market segments. 

Stokke started out producing bus seats and furniture for adults when the company was first established in 1932. Our collection consisted of recliners, ergonomic seating solutions and home office systems. The first product for children was launched in 1972 - the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair designed by Peter Opsvik. In the late 1990’s the children’s collection expanded to include a nursery system that could grow with the child. Our first stroller was launched in 2003 –the innovative Stokke® Xplory® introducing the concept of high parent-facing seating to the industry. 

Since 2006 Stokke has focused exclusively on premium children´s furniture and equipment within the highchair, stroller, baby carrier, home textiles and nursery market segments. Today, Stokke continues a long tradition of designing smart, sustainable products that promote bonding and healthy development for a whole new generation of children and their families. 

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