Kidsme Food Pouch Adaptor 2 Piece

Kidsme Food Pouch Adaptor 2 Piece


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A very handy device that adapts baby food pouches so baby can feed themselves.

Fits most baby food pouch brands and controls food flow rate so baby can feed him/herself. No Spill Simple plug-and-screw connection

Works with most leading pouch leading brands.

  • One size only

  • Screws on to pouch

  • Flexible medical-grade silicone sac

  • Fit with most leading pouch leading brands

  • 4 months+


Children are a source of abundant inspiration for parents and caretakers all over the world, and that's just how the story of Kidsme begins.


Our founder and his wife were overjoyed when their son, Edwin, was born. They committed to being active, engaged parents, and strongly believed in giving him as healthy a start to life as possible.  As parents, they wanted especially to build positive mealtime experiences, where they could enjoy nutritious and delicious food with their son. However, as Edwin's father was helping his son make the important transition from liquid to solid food, he experienced some early frustrations.  So, utilizing his background as an inventor with more than 25 years of experience in the baby product industry, Edwin's father found a solution and developed the prototype that would later become Kidsme’s first generation Food Feeder. 


Kidsme is excited to share the joys of a simple solution that was inspired by our founder's own son. The Kidsme Food Feeder allows your child to safely and easily self-feed and discover new foods. It's an opportunity for you and your little one to enjoy happy and hassle-free mealtimes together, and also allows for building healthy eating habits at an early age. 


At Kidsme, we are continuing to let children inspire us as we strive to bring you innovative, high-quality products that will help turn everyday moments into special and memorable experiences.

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