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Ludi Foam Puzzle Mat with Animals 9 Piece

Ludi Foam Puzzle Mat with Animals 9 Piece


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This nine piece floor mat set is great for your little one to explore and play!

These animal play tiles brings the zoo to your little one!

A comfortable surface for playing or creating a 3D puzzle. Surrounded by fun animals, baby is free to play and be creative!

Watch out, these cute and colourful animals could march right off the mat. These play tiles keep your child off the floor and can be hand washed in an instant.

  • Diameter : 90 x 90 x 1.3 cm


LUDI is a very successful French brand which has developed a colourful and innovative range of childrens products for sleeptime, playtime and bathtime.


The trademark LUDI was born in 1992 with its famous foam play mat… which it has not hesitated to improve! Today LUDI continues to innovate and to propose its colors and its astuteness in the world of toys and childcare. Curious and reactive, it endeavors to bring real added values as much to the children as their parents. LUDI is bursting with imagination and observes life and living and adds its personal touch. The result is better and smarter products, giving even more to children and parents.

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