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Me4Kidz Medipro First Aid Kit



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Medipro first aid pods are great for when you are wanting a smaller first aid kit for on the go.
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Medipro first aid pods. A new generation of first aid kits. 100 items to keep you prepared for your basic first aid needs.

Neatly organized pods that can size down when you are wanting a smaller first aid kit for on the go.
Each Pod includes:

(10) kid-friendly bandages

(10) 3" designer bandages

(10) 3" sheer bandages

(20) 1 1/2" junior bandages

(2) knee & elbow bandages

(2) butterfly bandages

(2) antibiotic ointments

(1) sting free relief pad

(1) burn relief gel

(8) 2" X 2" gauze pads

(1) rolled gauze

(10) 3" cotton tipped applicators

(1) splinter remover

(1) instant cold pack

(15) sting free antiseptic wipes

(1) tweezers

(2) exam gloves

(1) tri pod case

Me4kids LLC is a family-owned & operated business.

Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire parents and caregivers world-wide to be prapared when it comes to every day childhood injuries.


To keep jobs in their country, their products are manufactured in the USA.

We can ship to the Middle East and offer FREE delivery in Dubai

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