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Me4Kidz Nail Buddy-8 Pack



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The Nail Buddy from Me4Kidz is perfect for your little girl who loves getting her nails done!</

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The Nail Buddyfrom Me4Kidz is a great little nail starter kit for girls ages 2+.  

Not only is the packaging so convienent that she can take this kit to sleepovers or play dates, but the contents inside are just so adorable!

Each Nail Buddy kit comes with the following:

  • Kid-friendly nail files

  • Bottles of water-based, non-toxic nail polish

  • Bright colored nail brush

  • Nail buffer

  • Sheets of nail appliques –  self stick

  • Reusable & recycled  carry anywhere case

Me4kids LLC is a family-owned & operated business.

Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire parents and caregivers world-wide to be prapared when it comes to every day childhood injuries.


To keep jobs in their country, their products are manufactured in the USA.

We can ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai.

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