Milkbarn Organic Peasant Dress

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Milkbarn Organic Peasant Dress


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This sweet and simple dress is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in several lovely fabrics.

Made with 100% certified Organic Cotton. It features an elastic neck and sleeve so is very comfortable to wear.

Mix and match with the other gorgeous Milkbarn products.

  • Made of 100% GOTS Organic cotton

  • Elastic neck and sleeves

There’s a place where lions roam freely. Birds sing beautifully in the canopy of trees where giraffes graze. And butterflies always seem to land gently on your fingertip. That place is your child’s imagination and its where we find the inspiration for Milkbarn kids.

Because we believe children’s products should be as fresh and imaginative as the world they live in. Well- designed and well-made, not manufactured and mass marketed.

Stacy founded Zebi Baby, now Milkbarn, in 2006 when she began sewing bibs for her seven month old son. What started as Stacy working at her kitchen table has evolved into a business that distributes products to over a thousand retailers. Stacy lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband and three children. She loves reading, traveling, long walks, meaningful conversation, exploring backroads and a good cup of tea.

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