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Buy Monbento Original Bento Box Limited Edition Floral

Monbento Original Bento Box Limited Edition Floral


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There is no excuse not to have a healthy lunch with this pretty bento box! Compact but big enough to hold all the snacks you need to get through the day!
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The MB Original collection gets a new temporary graphic line created in partnership with illustrators.

With its totally new coral colour and its weave of poppies, MB Original Floral brings a touch of spring that lovers of nature, softness and tranquillity were waiting for! It will catch the eye wherever it goes. It blends in with the surroundings out of doors, and brings a breath of fresh air to meals taken at the office or gym.

This lunch box has two airtight containers, a white removable food cup to separate food, and an elastic strap to hold it all together. Plus it has the pleasant Soft Touch covering.

Your bento box comes with -
2 containers, 1 lid (material PBT)
2 intermediary lids (material PP)
1 food cup (material PP)
2 caps + joints (material Silicone)
1 elastic band (material Elastane)

  • Microwave-safe and Dishwasher-safe 

  • Soft touch "feeling" 

  • Airtight 

  • BPA-free Food grade 

  • Dimensions (mm) : L 185 x p 94 x h 100 Volume : 1 L (34 fl oz US) 

  • Includes: 2 containers, 1 lid (material PBT) 2 intermediary lids (material PP) 1 food cup (material PP) 2 caps + joints (material Silicone) 1 elastic band (material Elastane)

As a kinesiotherapist, Emilie Creuzieux was always in a hurry. Finding time to eat on busy schedule was practically impossible. Through her own experiences, as with busy individuals everywhere, she longed for a solution to her challenge: how to combine practicality, efficiency and healthy eating while respecting for the environment and saving money by eating in?

A lover of Japanese culture, during her search she discovered the bento box and, after observing that she was not alone with her newfound passion, decided to start her own bento company.

monbento mania is now on its way!


About us

monbento is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The company was founded by Emilie (CEO), Fabien (design and production) and Arnaud (web marketing). From the beginning, monbento thrived due to the diverse and complementary talents of the three co-founders. Innovation and creativity are the words by which monbento lives in order to offer an increasingly rich line of products revolving around the bento box.

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