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Buy ShoesMe BABY- PROOF® Smart Shoe Pink/Green

ShoesMe BABY- PROOF® Smart Shoe Pink/Green


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These gorgeous boots are light and flexible and especially developed for first walkers.

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BABY- PROOF® Smart is a light and flexible shoe, especially for babies who are just learning to walk.

The shoes are 100 % leather lined and specially developed by Shoesme with soles that bend with the feet. The heels are reinforced for a good walking posture and the addition of a soft foam layer at all pressure points to make them ultra comfortable.

Especially for the first faltering steps, these funky shoes are perfect for indoors or out.

BABY- PROOF® Smart baby shoes are available in sizes 18 -22 EU.

The first steps to walking!

  • Light and flexible shoe

  • 100 % leather lined

  • Heels are reinforced for a good walking posture

  • Soft foam layer at all pressure points

  • For use indoors or out

  • Available in sizes 18-22 EU (Alternative size guide in UK sizes 2-5 and in US sizes 3-6)

Since the establishment of Shoesme in 1999 our goal is always to make the best shoes for the different stages in the development of children. We are convinced that a child's shoe needs to be tailored in detail to the phase in which a growing child is located. Thus providing a shoe for a baby that first wobbly steps turn into different needs than a shoe for a child who has been running independently, but still could use a nudge in the right direction.

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