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4Moms High Chair Starter Set

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4Moms High Chair Starter Set

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Experience the magnetic magic of this mealtime set that keeps mommy from cleaning up spills at the table or kitchen!

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Designed with magnets that help keep bowls and plates in place on the 4moms High Chair tray. Minimizes the mess, prevents unwanted spills and assists with self-feeding.

  • Includes 1 plate - utensils (fork & spoon)

  • 2 small bowls (with lids)

  • 2 large bowls (with lids)

  • Designed with magnets

In 2004, friends Henry Thorne, a world-leading roboticist, and Rob Daley, a successful businessman, met over lunch to discuss their individual plans for future business ventures. They both knew there were only two ways to make it as an entrepreneur: create a new market or change an existing one.


After researching industries, specifically elder care and juvenile products, Rob and Henry determined the $8.9 billion juvenile product industry presented the most appealing opportunity. Enter 4moms. Officially established in 2005 under the parent company Thorley Industries, 4moms’ namesake comes from its first focus group of mothers. The group explored juvenile product pain points and provided valuable insight that led to the creation of the 4moms infant tub.



Today, 4moms is a rapidly growing company that is changing the way parents think about baby gear.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

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