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AeroSleep Anti-transpiration Layer for Car Seat Beige

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AeroSleep Anti-transpiration Layer for Car Seat Beige

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The Anti-Transpiration Layer comes in three sizes, fits any infant car seat and provides a pleasant sitting environment in any season.

Layer for any type of car seat or stroller consisting of our air permeable 3D honeycomb structure, which makes your baby perspire much less in the car or on a trip.

  • Fits car seats group 0 (0-13 kg)

  • Fits car seats group 1 (9-18 kg)

  • Fits car seats group 2 (15-36 kg)

  • The maximum air circulation through the 3D honeycomb structure helps to reduce excessive perspiring of your baby in the car seat. Excessive body heat is evacuated through the honeycomb structure.

  • Your baby has better control of his body temperature and excessive perspiring is reduced.

  • The layer and the seat stay dry.

  • Skin irritations caused by sweating are reduced.

  • Machine washable at 40 degrees C.

AeroSleep NV is a young, innovative Belgian company with its head office in Ninove. The AeroSleep concept is based on the desire to improve the safety of the baby's sleeping environment. Specifically in connection with cot death, AeroSleep has always played a pioneering role by constantly investing to improve the sleep safety of little babies.

Moreover, over the past few years AeroSleep has continuously been innovative and conducted research into sleep, perspiration and cot death. By making considerable investment in scientific tests, they distinguish themselves from other manufacturers in the baby sector.

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