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Beaba Baby Bottle Pink Bunny 120ml

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Beaba Baby Bottle Pink Bunny 120ml

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This quality bottle from Beaba is made from BPA free unbreakable plastic and comes with an air-regulated teat.

This unbreakable bottle comes with a rounded base which keeps it stable and makes it easier to clean.

Its has a 100% leakproof lid and comes with a 1st stage silicone air regulated teat to help with feeding and reduce colic and gas.

The removable handles can be adapted to any Beaba half moon base bottle.

  • Made of polypropylene which is unbreakable

  • Wide base: Greater stability Anti-impact base

  • Air regulated teat: Helps to facilitate feeding and reduce colic

  • Teat with rounded end: Ergonomic shape easier to grip

  • Leakproof lid: 100% airtight

  • BPA free

  • Includes 1 silicone teat

  • Wash by hand or dishwasher or sterilizer

When it was founded in 1989, BEABA immediately delighted mothers who were looking for quality, easy of use, and genuinely innovative products, and all of that with contemporary lines.

When the French company launched its Babycook®, a new page was turned in the world of childcare.

BEABA has shown that it is an expert in innovative concepts, with consistently original designs, ergonomic shapes, and colours which brighten or soften spaces.

A BEABA solution for every problem, mothers love them because, at last, they are understood.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

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