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The Gro Company Gro-hush Baby Calmer

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The Gro Company Gro-hush Baby Calmer

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The Gro-hush is a safe and unique portable safe white noise baby bedtime calmer which allows your baby to be soothed without disturbing others around you.

The Gro-hush transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby which allows your baby to be soothed and calmed without disturbing others around you so only your baby will hear the calming tones and not others, keeping them relaxed and happy.

Fantastic for use at home as part of your bedtime calming routine, or when out and about or travelling. A choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which are all set at a safe volume.

Another effect of calming babies is they might be soothed to sleep. One study found that 80% of newborns fell asleep within 5 minutes in response to white noise. (Study by institute of obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea hospital, London.)

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

  • Includes a high quality protective travel case

  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes

  • Volume is preset to save sound levels and cannot be changed

  • Cushion is covered in soft 100% jersey cotton

  • Cushion cover is washable

  • Weighs 107 grams (with batteries)

  • Suitable for use from birth

The Gro Company was founded in 2000, the result of two parents battle to get their baby to sleep at night. Practically unheard of in the UK, an Austrian sister-in-law introduced them to baby sleep bags, and after the amazing 12 hour sleep as a result, Grobag was born. Wanting to spread the word to other sleep deprived parents, our founders gave themselves a target of 10 years to get the UK from 0% to 80% baby sleeping bag usage, but managed it in 5.


We are known as the “official” baby sleep bag brand, having sold over 3 million Grobags worldwide. We now have over 13 different products to our name, all designed to make parenting easier. With offices in Exeter, Shenzhen and Melbourne we are a global business that always strives to put our consumers first.


We are proud that right from the start the company worked closely with the safe sleep charity the Lullaby Trust, and so safety and quality has always been important in what we do.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

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