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Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happened Monkey Mania Lunch Bag

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Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happened Monkey Mania Lunch Bag

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The Itzy Ritzy Lunch Happened Lunch Bag is an eco-friendly and stylish container

The Itzy Ritzy  Lunch Happened  Lunch Bag is an eco-friendly and stylish container that provides a simple way to pack a wholesome lunch that can be taken to school, field trips or play dates, while saving money on disposable bags and helping the environment.

This lunch bag is the size of a standard lunch box that has room to store a bento box, beverage and ice pack all in one tote.

  • Insulated lunch bag is reusable, fits a complete meal and is easy for kids to use.

  • Made of durable polyester canvas exterior and a food-safe PEVA lining and measures 10-inches by 7.5-inches by 4-inches.

  • Roomy main compartment can hold a bento box, snack bag, beverage bottle and ice pack.

  • Includes a zippered back pocket for lunch money and a clear pocket to personalize with a child’s name.

  • Buckle handle adds versatility for hanging on hooks, backpacks or strollers.

  • Monkey character and whimsical blue design match other items in the Itzy Ritzy collection.

  • Measures 10-inches by 7.5-inches by 4-inches and weighs 0.75-pounds.

  • Recommended for children 3-years of age and up.

  • Comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects at the time of purchase.

At Itzy Ritzy, they believe parenting in style is possible. Their modern collection of baby toddler and lifestyle accessories provides smart, attractive solutions to everyday challenges, from carrying heavy car seats to keeping school snacks under eco-friendly wraps.

They love making your life easier, so their multi-purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches without making you do a lot of work. Plus, they tread lightly on Earth with environmentally conscious, no-waste solutions. Through it all, they keep style top of mind, designing chic prints you won’t find anywhere else in a confection of eye-catching colors.


The proof lies in their ever-growing product line, which started with the Ritzy Sitzy™ Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover and became a full-fledged lifestyle collection of innovations for on-the-go feeding, nursing and strolling.

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Theirr team of design and product innovators blushes a little thinking that their products have caught the eye of celebrities and have been spotted in the hands of Angelina Jolie, Pink, Nicole Richie and even Bradley Cooper in his dad role in The Hangover II.

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