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JustEssentials Grooming Kit

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JustEssentials Grooming Kit

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The JustEssentials all-in-one health and grooming kit provides all the baby essentials that no parent should be without!

 "Carefully selected by expert parents, JustEssentials are designed with practical, everyday needs of baby and parent in mind and made of the highest quality materials."

The JustEssentials all-in-one health and grooming kit provides all the baby essentials that no parent should be without!

The 7-piece baby grooming kit comes in a handy travel-friendly bag. It consists of a brush and comb set, nail scissor and clipper, nail file, fingertip toothbrush and a toddler toothbrush.

  • The ultra soft nylon bristles of the brush and the comb’s rounded teeth are designed to offer maximum care and protects baby’s tender scalp.

  • The small nail scissors and clippers have rounded ends, designed to cut baby’s tiny nails safely and easily.

  • Baby nail files are great for smoothing sharp edges to minimize risk of scratches.

  • The finger tip toothbrush is made from soft silicon and needs to be placed onto an adult’s fingertip.

  • The toddler toothbrush comes with a small head, ideal for a child’s mouth and the soft-bristles are gentle on gums and teeth.

  • Clean before and after use. 

  • When cutting the little ones nails, take care not to trim nails too short. 

  • Scissors and other sharp objects should never be left within reach of toddlers and babies. 

  • Always check product condition before using. 


JustEssentials™:The essential budget baby brand for parents

Becoming a parent is the single most important experience of your life, so it should be the most joyful one too.

Yet these days, new parents find themselves bombarded with an endless supply of 'must-have' expensive products for their little ones almost as soon as those anticipated test lines turn blue.

At JustEssentials™, we're not only experts in designs, we're expert parents too. And that's why we decided to put our knowledge into practice and produce the JustEssentials™ range; a collection of locally produced top quality yet budget priced baby and child products created especially for the Middle East's parenting needs.

Out concept was simple: take all the essential elements of the popular designer products and re-create a range of no-frills items that fulfill all your parenting requirements at a fraction of the cost. The result? Our fantastic low cost JustEssentials™ range. 

We know which designs work best for busy, growing families and which products are the most useful for parents and their babies.

JustEssentials™ has been born out of years of practical research through our work with new parents, and our own family experiences. We believe your baby deserves the best. And that new parents want products that are practical, hardwearing, safe, easy to use, economical & stylish too.

Our unique and colorfully coordinated JustEssentials range includes everything new parents need to make their life - and their baby's life - more comfortable. Our products include all the layette essentials from swaddling wraps and sleeping bags to car-sear covers, baby carriers, nursing pillows, wall decals, nursery baby bean bags and so much more. 

JustEssentials™ is a lifestyle choice. We don't believe in fuss; just good quality, fun products that parents can turn to with confidence.


We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

See what baby gear your favourite celebs are using and send us a picture of your own if you want us to include it.

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