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Kaloo Blue Baby Perfume

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Kaloo Blue Baby Perfume

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Do you know the lovely warm snuggly almost biscuity smell that all babies have when you give them a cuddle.

Do you know the lovely warm, snuggly, almost biscuity smell that all babies have when you give them a cuddle.

Do you know that sometimes babies smell a bit less delicious - the mixture of remnants of curdled milk, the lingering smell that a particularly toxic nappy leaves behind even after a nappy change is slightly less delicious!

The Kaloo baby perfume is designed with children and babies in mind so it is alcohol-free and clinically tested. Kaloo baby perfume contains Glycerin to moisturise and has perfect PH levels to ensure comfort on young skins.

Kaloo take the safety aspect very seriously and their fragrances follow the same strict safety guidelines as the toys, not only meeting but surpassing European safety standards.

  • Adorable bear head with a blue nightcap covers the bottle.

  • Makes a fabulous gift for baby showers.

  • Hypoallergenic and alcohol-free.

  • From 1 month old +

  • Size 100ml.

  • Great to keep around the nappy changing area.

Creation of a soft toy

The genesis of a Kaloo soft toy

Each Kaloo product is the culmination of a long history and the collaboration of various departments brought to fruition.

The concept originates from within their creative designer’s team. A theme is elaborated on and a story defined. These words are then translated into a drawing; the impression is transcribed into shapes, patterns and materials. Special attention is paid to the material, ensuring quality of touch and colour harmony – their brand signatures. A rough draft is then passed to the workroom. The initial form is then modified and reflected upon until a final model is perfected.

Each product is put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure sewing resistance, torque, tension, drop, impact, fire resistance and toxicity. All Kaloo products bear the CE stamp, synonymous with compliance to European safety standards.

Once arranged in their round gift boxes, a Kaloo soft toy just has to wait for a baby’s arms...


Your Kaloo Team

Began with a dream

Kaloo began with a dream...

A father’s dream, to invent different soft toys for his little boy. As a modern father, his vision was softness and comfort using innovative materials in a rainbow full of colours. His aim was to create the doudou his little boy had dreamt of. A little bear, an emotional symbol for all toddlers, was then chosen as the brand’s emblematic animal.

Because dreams can come true, Kaloo came to life one beautiful

morning in late 1998.
Kaloo, whose name was inspired by this one little boy, Lucas...

Because a child’s everyday life should be filled with wonder and softness to encourage their evolution, Kaloo, with its’ modern design and innovative themes creates a complete world for children

to revisit timeless classics.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

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