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Medela Freestyle® Breastpump

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Medela Freestyle® Breastpump

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Perfect for mum's on the go or who are working, the Freestyle Breastpump is a lightweight double electric breastpump with a rechargeable battery.

The Freestyle Breastpump is a compact, lightweight double electric breastpump with a rechargeable battery for mobile pumping. Medela, through extensive research has learned valuable information regarding the way babies breastfeed and they have put this technology into their pump.

Their 2-Phase Expression® technology is proven to produce more milk in less time and it is designed for mums who pump several times a day. Also works in conjunction with the Easy Expression™ bustier for hands free pumping (sold separately)

Whats included:
• A Freestyle pump Attractive tote bag Lithium ion battery-rechargeable • AC adaptor/charger • Removable cooler bag and contoured ice pack • Four 5 oz/150 mL breastmilk bottles and lids • One Double pumping kit • Two Medium (24 mm) PersonalFit™ breastshields • Two Large (27 mm) PersonalFit breastshields • Two Freestyle breastshield connector bodies • One set of tubing • Two Membranes • Instructions for use • Breastfeeding Information Guide • Breastfeeding Information Guide

  • Double electric, daily use breastpump

  • Compact & lightweight

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Two sizes of PersonalFit breastshields

  • Attractive tote bag

  • Adjustable speed/vacuum combinations

  • Digital backlit display

  • One touch let-down button

  • Pumping timer

  • Memory button

  • Removable Cooler bag with contoured ice pack

  • All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA

Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela continues to grow under the ownership of the Larsson family today.


Medela serves its customers through 15 subsidiaries distributing to over 90 countries worldwide. Medela’s U.S. subsidiary, Medela, Inc., has been serving the American market for nearly 30 years.


Medela’s commitment to quality products and supportive programs has made the company the industry leader and the primary supplier of breastpumps to healthcare facilities in the United States.


Medela is the first manufacturer in the United States to develop a workplace program to meet the needs of working mothers.

Through the Corporate Lactation Program, businesses support breastfeeding employees and their families by providing breastfeeding counseling and breastpumps in an accessible, private, pleasant location.

This program has been instrumental in making American businesses more "nursing-mother-friendly" with programs in major corporate firms.

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