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Medela Purelan 100

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Medela Purelan 100

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Take away the pain with Purelan cream.

Do you feel discomfort or pain when breastfeeding due to sensitive or dry nipples? Take away the pain with Purelan cream.

It protects your nipples from dryness during breastfeeding. The Purelan cream contains 100% pure lanolin (wool wax) and is completely preservative-free.

This means it’s totally safe for both you and your little one and doesn’t even have to be removed before breastfeeding. You can also apply it to other areas where you have dry skin. The Purelan cream is guaranteed to be so safe; you can even use it on your baby's skin!

PLEASE NOTE - this item cannot be shipped out of the UAE

  • It is also used with sensitive and dry baby skin, chapped skin, dry spots, etc.

  • Contains: 100% ultra- clean lanolin

  • PLEASE NOTE - this item cannot be shipped out of the UAE

Founded in 1961 in Zug, Switzerland by Olle Larsson, Medela continues to grow under the ownership of the Larsson family today.


Medela serves its customers through 15 subsidiaries distributing to over 90 countries worldwide. Medela’s U.S. subsidiary, Medela, Inc., has been serving the American market for nearly 30 years.


Medela’s commitment to quality products and supportive programs has made the company the industry leader and the primary supplier of breastpumps to healthcare facilities in the United States.


Medela is the first manufacturer in the United States to develop a workplace program to meet the needs of working mothers.

Through the Corporate Lactation Program, businesses support breastfeeding employees and their families by providing breastfeeding counseling and breastpumps in an accessible, private, pleasant location.

This program has been instrumental in making American businesses more "nursing-mother-friendly" with programs in major corporate firms.

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