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Mr Maria Nanuk Lamp

Mr Maria Nanuk Lamp

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Little bright white bears.

lt was the aurora lights of the great north-pole that created the little bright white bears.

They called them nanuk. Nanuk reflected the beauty and pureness of the white land from which they came from. The little cubs arrived on the beaches of new worlds after a long journey at sea. They were amazed by all the colours of the new lands and its animals and plants.

After a lot of adventures the nanuk finally met people and they fell in love with their children. Because the children were just as sweet, playful and naughty as them. They knew now where they wanted to live and shine their light from the north; it was with the colourful children of the world.

  • LED lamp with low energy consumption

  • LED module included

  • Dimmer with 5 levels of intensity

  • Duration: +/- 25000 hours.

  • Recyclable, and environmentally friendly polyethylene.

Mr Maria is a Danish design company that creates eye-catching product for children of all ages to enjoy.


The range of unique Miffy lamps will look gorgeous in any bedroom or nursery and will guarantee to add personality to all special spaces.


Mr Maria’s playful artistic character translates open-minded creativity into concept and form.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

See what baby gear your favourite celebs are using and send us a picture of your own if you want us to include it.

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