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Souza Rachel Necklace

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Souza Rachel Necklace

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Your little one will feel like a grown up with this lovely pearl and bead necklace.

Welcome to the world of Souza for Kids! Their bright and colourful accessories will bring a smile to every child's face!

  • Three elasticated necklaces

Welcome to the world of Souza for Kids®, a world full of cheerful children's accessories and dressing-up clothes. With our imaginative clothes we make every dressing-up game into a party, and we help dreams come to life.

Souza for Kids® was founded in 1998 by Angeliek Clercx-de Jager, who at that time was living outside her native country of the Netherlands with her family. Because of her professional experience making babies' and children's clothes, Angeliek decided to make a nurse's outfit for the play corner at her children's school. The other parents were so enthusiastic about this outfit and the other outfits she made that she had to hire a local seamstress so she could keep up with demand.

Souza for Kids® is a solidly established brand in the European market for children's costumes and accessories. Every day at the company's headquarters in Nijnsel, in the Dutch province of North Brabant, the professional creative team enthusiastically works on designing and developing new accessories and clothes.

We ship to the Middle East and offer free delivery in Dubai on and above 150 AED.

See what baby gear your favourite celebs are using and send us a picture of your own if you want us to include it.

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