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Zapf Baby Annabell® Doll

Zapf Baby Annabell® Doll

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Meet Baby Annabell®, a doll so life like she giggles, sleeps, cries, responds to touches, and loves her bottle!

Baby Annabell® is almost like a real baby with her lifelike functions. She responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves to drink from her bottle.

Your can gently rock and sway Baby Annabell® back and forth on the arm and she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep, snoring happily! When she wakes up, you can feed her from her bottle and she will move her mouth and eyes as she sucks – just like a real baby!

When you caress Baby Annabell®'s cheek, she will happily babble to herself. In case she ever cries real tears, she will be happy again in no time thanks to her pacifier, included in the set.

And Baby Annabell® has learned another thing: she can now wet her nappy!

  • Branded doll with lifelike functions- she babbles, giggles, sleeps, burps and cries

  • Reacts to touch and movement

  • Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empath

  • Baby Annabell® comes with romper suit and hat. Including 1 bib, 1 bottle, 1 dummy, 1 nappy and 1 locket

  • Batteries required

Zapf Creation makes girls' dreams come true! Their dolls have been little girls' best friend, baby and playmate for more than 85 years.Dolls have been at the top of little girls' wish lists for decades. Even in the age of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, playing with dolls remains the most popular leisure activity for 74 percent of girls between the ages of 4 and 5. This both delights and encourages Zapf Creation to continue to ensure that their dolls are great play companions and loyal friends for little girls all over the world.
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