Expert Parents

After more than ten years we know that parents are at the heart of our business. Being a parent is an ongoing journey, with no map. We help you to navigate your path, as experts, as a community, as parents.


I’m rhian, I’m a mum of two, I have a little boy called Samson who is 5 months old and a little girl Seren who is 2.5years old, so we are having plenty of Toddler tantrums at the moment! I also live with my wonderful husband and Collie Chica, so in total I have four kids
I have a big passion for Mum and baby Wellness...
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Mariyam Iqbal

Mariyam Iqbal, aka Mimz is a blogger who was born and raised in Dubai. She has a passion in traveling, makeup, lifestyle, and fashion.

After starting her own clothing line, she realized her love and passion for attending different events...
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Ria T. West

Ria T. West is a Dubai based makeup guru. She blogs about parenting and makeup on IG under the name of DubaiMaven.

She lives with her husband and two cats and have recently given birth to a dark blue-eyed baby girl named Harper...

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