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Baghera Speedster Firetruck

Baghera Speedster Firetruck

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Riding on this vintage firetruck is what every young fire fighter dreams!

This gorgeous little fire car is built to last with a padded seat, sturdy metal body and rubber tyres. Some simple self-assembly required.

This fire-truck ride-on is equipped with real functional steering and bell. Baby will quickly find their feet with this new car and the rubber tyres will help to keep them stable and move quietly around the house.

The old-style fire trucks of the 50s inspire this ride-on. With its red chassis and its accessories, baby will be able to pretend they're a real fire fighter and imagine exciting stories.

  • Suitable from ages 1-3 years

  • Robust ride-on designed in France and is made completely from metal

  • Large wheels mounted with rubber tyres so can be driven quietly on any type of ground (house, tarmac, gravel and grass, etc.)

  • Baby will be well protected by plastic mudguards and front and rear bumpers protect the ride-on from little accidents

  • Develops baby's motor skills by enabling child to find their feet quickly and to move about easily, developing their balance and motor skills

  • From when the child can stand, they can use the ride-on in complete safety

  • Product Weight: 5.5 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 75 cm (L) x 25 cm (W) x 37 cm (H)

What parents, full of wonder, could fail to admire the beauty and perfection of their baby’s cute little feet and hands?

So began the story of BABY ART, with the love story of a father for his daughter, who wanted to share his wonder and joy with his nearest and dearest. The idea of a personal gift took the shape of a moulded product suitable for babies and toddlers. Then came a brand which offers an original range of birth gifts for personalising and creative baby souvenirs.

Very personal, unique birth gift ideas, to give or keep for yourself, to keep an indelible memory of Baby’s early months.

Baby Art is also a precious creative time; a time of pleasure and emotions to share with Baby. From it will come a unique souvenir, which will be cherished for years and 20 years later will still stir the emotions…

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