The BABYZEN adventure started in 2009, motivated by the ambition to create intelligent products that would make life easier for parents. In 2012, after observing Parisians...
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The BABYZEN adventure started in 2009, motivated by the ambition to create intelligent products that would make life easier for parents.

In 2012, after observing Parisians lugging their large strollers, BABYZEN launched the YOYO: a light and super compact folded stroller that responded to the active lifestyles of urban families. As the first stroller to be accepted as cabin luggage on planes, YOYO revolutionized mobility and the way of living with children. Adopted immediately by thousands of opinion leaders amongst big city parents worldwide, the BABYZEN YOYO is an all-in-1 stroller from birth.

If you are looking for a compact stroller that provides you with all the same benefits as a larger product, but folds to a small and easy-to-handle size, your answer is the BABYZEN YOYO. Parents love this baby stroller for many reasons, but the main benefit of the YOYO is that it folds so compact that it can fit in the luggage compartment on a plane. Most airlines allow it as a carry-on item and it can easily be carried over your shoulder.

While it is very compact and easy to carry, the BABYZEN YOYO is still strong, sturdy, and much more durable than you would expect. It has many of the same features as larger strollers that are far too bulky. And it offers plenty of space for your little one to grow.

Introducing the new BABYZEN YOYO²!

The BABYZEN YOYO² is now more than ever, the absolute must-have travel stroller to make life as a parent as easy as possible.

With YOYO², BABYZEN has improved the technology of their iconic stroller, without changing its DNA, which is still and will always be spectacularly easy to fold and unfold, compact and amazingly lightweight. Parents are guaranteed a weightless and stress-free experience, making their lives so much easier, every day.

From birth, you can switch from the 0+ newborn nest, stylish rear-facing stroller, to a compatible car seat. From 6 months, on the same frame, simply change to your 6+ fabrics and your stroller will accompany your child to early childhood.

What are the differences between BABYZEN YOYO+ and YOYO²?

The YOYO² has a new reinforced frame, improved independent suspensions on all 4 wheels and a new handlebar in faux leather with a tether strap. It now has a new universal buckle design, new harness strap more pleasant to the touch and a new tool-free reversible backrest. Still just as lightweight and compact as YOYO+, the Babyzen YOYO² has double the agility and ingenuity to make your life even easier!

Can YOYO² still be taken on board a plane?

Yes! The dimensions of the folded YOYO² stroller (52 x 44 x 18 cm) are equal to or less than most airlines cabin luggage allowance. It's a revolution for traveling parents. The tip is to carry the stroller in its travel bag making it super convenient during travel.

Does YOYO² have the same weight?

It weighs at 6.2 kg for the 6 month+ version and 6.6 kg for the 0+ version. A record for an all-in-one city stroller that can be upgraded from birth onwards!

The new BABYZEN is a stroller designed to last thanks to its high quality materials and modern design. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and usability, shop your YOYO² today!