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Red Castle is a French company based in Aix-en-Provence, famous for its most beloved innovation- the Cocoonababy®. Red Castle feels strongly about children’s needs and those of their parents, and have always been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality, designed in-house with the most qualified and competent teams.

Cocoonababy® is supported by experts

In order to continually offer products with real added value, they also work closely with many people in the medical world. Thanks to this on-going collaboration, the Red Castle Cocoonababy® was born.  Originally created for premature babies in hospital neonatal units, it is now used in many hospitals and maternity clinics as well as thousands of homes to help babies adapt to life outside the womb.

Why the “cocoon’ in Cocoonababy®

When your baby is born, they are totally dependent on you for food, warmth and comfort, especially in their first few months. They've come from an environment where this was all easily available and into a big, bright and sometimes overwhelming world! So to keep them feeling safe and secure – it is recommended to keep your baby close with lots of skin to skin contact, like with a carrier, where they can smell you, hear your voice and feel your sway as they did in the womb. Basically keeping them cocooned in a warm snug and reassuring environment so they don't startle - enter the Cocoonababy®!

At birth, baby can sleep for up to 20 hours a day. It is therefore important to create a favourable sleeping environment for them which feel safe. The Cocoonababy® is an ergonomic cocoon that allows your baby to resume the semi-foetal position they knew in the womb, providing a well-defined, reassuring, tranquil space. Relaxed, the child falls asleep and sleep cycles follow more easily. Furthermore, the regrouped position which he adopts in the Cocoonababy® nest contributes to his all-round development.

How Cocoonababy® benefits your baby

The Cocoonababy® permits a smooth transition from the mother’s womb to the outside world. It helps limit the main common discomforts which can bother baby in the early months:

  • It gently cocoons around your baby, giving them reassurance and comfort
  • It's not flat so babies can keep the naturally rounded c shape of their spine
  • Babies legs are slightly raised as in the womb
  • Babies have access to theirs hands, a source of fascination for them
  • It can help prevent reflux as their head is slightly raised over the rest of their body
  • It can help prevent flathead, a temporary condition caused by lying on a flat mattress in the one position for too long

It’s no surprise that parents all over the world love the Cocoonababy® - it's a natural, supportive and reassuring place for your newborn to feel comfortable and secure, just like the womb. Shop the Cocoonababy® nest and matching accessories here!