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  • FAQ: Ordering


    1. How can I order products?

    You can use the navigation bars to shop by category or use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for. When you find an item of your liking, click on the image to get more information. Each item has its own description and special features describing the product.

    Browse the website to see which products you like. If you’ve found a product you like, you can add it to your shopping cart in one click. Once you have selected all the products you would like to order and have placed them in your basket, you simply press the order button. Fill in your details for this order and finally you will be asked to make the payment. If you have taken these steps, your order is placed and your product(s) will be delivered within the delivery timeframe.Please note that customs duties are due upon delivery for customers outside the UAE.

    2. Will JustKidding® share my customer information?

    No! We respect your privacy, so we do not sell or distribute contact information, unless otherwise required by matter of Law. For more information, see the Privacy & Security section.

    3. How can I see the details of my order?

    The products you have selected are displayed in your shopping cart. You can remove and / or add products as you like. The amount shown in your shopping basket is the total amount of your selected goods and excluding any delivery charges. Delivery charges will be shown in theh chekout page, however you can always get an estimated shipping & tax rate in the cart page. Please note that customs duties are due upon delivery for customers outside the UAE and will not be included in the total amount upon ordering.


    1. Can I track my purchase?

    Yes, you can track your purchase. Your track-and-trace number will be sent to you when the delivery is on its way. The status of your order will also be visible in your account details.

  • FAQ: Payment


    1. What are the promotional offers?

    Our online promotional offers can be found on the homepage, follow the link to see what special offers you can avail of! If you have received a promotional discount code, please enter it in the field under ‘Coupon’ provided on the Payment Method page during your online Checkout.

    2. Can I get bulk discounts?

    You can start an online gift registry for special occasions; details are given in the gift registry section on the webshop. If you would like to order larger quantities for your own company you can contact Dutchkid FZCO. Visit for more information. In other circumstances, bulk discounts are not given. If you have any questions or doubts about your situation, you can contact JustKidding® by e-mail or telephone.


    1. Will I be charged sales tax?

    JustKidding® online purchases are not subject to sales tax or value added tax. Any Customs duties have to be paid by the customer upon delivery of the goods.


    1. What is the currency I have to pay in?

    Prices are stated in Dirhams (AED). If you would like to know the product price in your local currency, you can use the currency converter. Payments are accepted in AED or U.S. dollars.

    2. Is there a currency converter?

    Yes, a currency converter can be used for each product.


    1. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We gladly accept VisaCard and MasterCard.

  • FAQ: Shipment and Delivery Information


    Shipping rates vary, depending on the delivery address, weight and volume of the purchased items, as well as Government duties. The exact costs will be provided once you place your order. You can get an estimated shipping & tax rate in the cart page before completing your order. Duties are to be paid upon delivery, shipments within Dubai are delivered free of duties!

    1. Is the shipment included in the price shown by the products?

    No, the shipment will be charged when you order. The costs are dependent on the distance, weight and volume of the shipment. Therefore, the costs are given when these details are known. Also custom duties are not included in the price: Duties are to be paid, in cash, to the TNT driver, upon delivery. Duties vary per country.


    JustKidding® aims to ship online purchases to its customers within 48 hours after purchase. Please expect longer delivery times for deliveries outside UAE. Under normal circumstances the item(s) will be delivered to your location of choice within a maximum of 7 days (depending on location)*. Please note that some larger products such as furniture may have a longer lead time. JustKidding® cannot be held responsible for any delays in your shipment. The online track and trace option will keep you updated about any delays. Deliveries to Jordan and Lebanon can take up to 14 days.

    *conditions apply. Some countries have Custom’s procedures, which may cause unexpected delays in delivery. JustKidding® uses the preferred courier services of TNT.


    JustKidding® is based in Dubai and delivers throughout the Middle East. We can deliver in the following countries: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, & Jordan.

    1. Can products be delayed for delivery?

    JustKidding® regrets that there can be delays. To avoid any delays it is very important to carefully check that the delivery address, including your local telephone number, is complete and correct. We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address or due to an act of God.

  • FAQ: Gifts and Registries


    1. Can I get my purchase gift wrapped?

    Of course! With the exception of some furniture items that are too large to be wrapped, gift wrapping is a service we can provide with your purchase. On some items we charge a nominal fee for gift wrapping. At the moment we don't have the gift wrapping option at check-out but you can inform our online sales team who would be happy to assist accordingly.


    JustKidding® offers Gift Cards online, which you can purchase for any specific amount for any special person. The Gift Gift Card can only be used at


    1. How can I find someone’s gift registry?

    You can search for a specific gift registry under the person’s name and surname or by the registry ID.

    2. If I buy something from the gift registry, is it possible that someone else buys the same product?

    No, the gift registry will automatically be updated every time a product is purchased, leaving only those gifts that have not yet been selected.

    3. How do I register?

    There are a number of options:

    • You can register at the JustKidding® store with the help of one of the JustKidding’s colleagues or with one of our personal shoppers,
    • You can create your registry here online,
    • You can e-mail or call a customer service representative to schedule a time to set up your registry.

    4. How do I add gifts to my registry?

    Once you have set up your registry, the easiest way to add products is online. Just log on to your registry and start shopping. When you find an item you would like to register for, simply add it to your list. If you need any help, our staff will be happy to assist you.

    5. What if I don’t finish my registry at once?

    No problem! At some point you may realize that you would like to add more products especially when you find out that some of the items on your list have been purchased. Your registry is available online 24 hours, so you can expand it whenever you want. Just select the “update your registry” option to log into your account and start shopping.

    6. Can I update my registry online?

    Yes, you can update your registry online. When you browse your list and find items missing on your registry, you can update it immediately.

    7. Can I see online what has already been bought from the gift registry?

    Yes, your gift registry is constantly updated. You are able to log on and see which items have been purchased. Checking your list frequently gives you an idea of what products you still need, and if you like to add more products that is also possible in one click.

    8. Can I have more than one gift registry?

    Absolutely! There are many reasons to have a registry such as baby showers, birthdays, and other special occasions. As long as each registry has a different name, you can have as many as you like. If you already have a registry and would like to create a second one, log in to your account, click on the “gift registry” link, and then look for the “create a new registry” button.

    9. How can I let my family and friends know where I am registered?

    Once you have created your registry you can let your friends know by completing the ‘share your registry’ section. It will automatically send an email with a link that leads your friends and family directly to your registry.

    10. What if I didn’t get everything on my registry list?

    We want to make sure you get everything on your list, so after your due date has passed you have the option to purchase all the items which you haven’t yet received.


    1. Can my gift be directly delivered to someone I bought it for?

    Yes it can. When ordering you can choose the address you would like to send the package to.

    2. Where will my gift-registry gifts be shipped to?

    Where they are shipped depends on both you and the person giving you the gift. When creating your registry, you will either provide a shipping address or indicate that you would like all gifts to be sent to your friends or family giving you the gifts. If you do provide an address, each person will get to choose whether to have your gift shipped to you or to them so they can give it to you in person.

  • FAQ: Account Information


    1. How can I create an account?

    Go to ‘Account’ on the top right-hand corner of the page and create a new account.

    2. Do I have to create an account to order?

    No, you can use the express check-out, which requires basic information to ship your order, bu no account will be created.


    1. Will JustKidding® share my account information?

    No! We respect your privacy, so we do not sell or distribute customer information unless otherwise required by matter of Law. JustKidding® also does not keep any credit card information in its database or on its servers. Transactions are processed in a secure SSL environment.


    1. What if I forgot my password?

    When you forget your password you can click on the link ‘forgotten password’. There you can enter your e-mail address. You will receive a link per email which will direct you to the page to enter a new password.

    2. How can I change account details?

    Log in to your account and go to ‘Account Information/Address book’. You can change account details there.

    3. How can I log in or sign out?

    To log in, select the ‘Login’ tab at the top right-hand side of the page. Fill in your e-mail and password to log in. To log out, simply select ‘Logout’ at the top-right hand side of the page.

  • FAQ: Return and Service


    Return & cancellation

    1. What are the Terms & Conditions of JustKidding®?

    Find the terms and conditions of JustKidding®, click here.

    2. What if I receive the wrong product or a damaged product?

    In the unlikely event that you have received an incorrect or damaged product, JustKidding’s return policy comes into effect. If this is the case, JustKidding® will pay for the return shipping charges and will deliver you a new item.Kindly check our Return & Exchanges Policy here:

  • 3. Can I cancel my purchase if I don’t want the product anymore?

    Before payment you can always cancel an order if you do not want to buy the product. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product in its original purchased condition within 14 days after receiving the item. An online voucher or store credit will be issued on unused merchandise which is returned within 14 days. JustKidding® regrets that due to health and hygienic regulations underwear items cannot be returned after purchase. You can find all information regarding returns of items under the header: Returns and Exchanges.


    We always like to see our customers satisfied and that the products that are bought from us are in perfect order. In case you believe the product you have purchased needs a replacement, we are willing to look into it and help you out where we can. Most of our brands have their own policies which we have to follow, therefore it is better to contact our helpdesk directly at


    1. What if something is out of stock?

    If something you would like to order is out of stock, it will be labeled as such on our website. You can then add the item to your waitlist, in order to purchase it as soon as it is in stock again.


    1. Is my online purchase secure?

    We use an industry-standard SSL encryption when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged through our site server. All other data transferred is conducted through a secure phone line.

    2. Will JustKidding® share my account information?

    No! We respect your privacy, so we do not sell or distribute customer information unless otherwise required by matter of Law.

    3. What are the Terms & Conditions of JustKidding®?

    For the terms and conditions of JustKidding®, please click here.


    1. Are the same items available online as well as in the JustKidding® Store?

    Most products available online in the JustKidding® webshop are also available in the JustKidding® Store. The online assortment is not as extensive, due to the availability of the respected items. Visit the JustKidding® Store for a complete overview of all brands and products on sale.

    2.What kind of company is JustKidding®?

    JustKidding® is the one-stop-shop for your little ones or as we call ourselves: “the parental experts”. You can find more details about JustKidding® in the ‘about us’ section of the webshop.

    3. What are the possibilities to work for JustKidding®?

    To get to know more about your future career possibilities click here.

    4. What are the Terms & Conditions of JustKidding®?

    Find the terms and conditions of JustKidding®, please click here.