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JustRewards Terms and Conditions

1. JustRewards Purpose

The JustRewards loyalty program has been introduced by JustKidding General Trading LLC Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This Loyalty Program allows JustRewards loyalty members to accumulate points on purchases made at JustKidding store or
There are three tiers available as parts of the Loyalty Program depending on the level of spend and each tier represents a different level of potential points to be earned on purchases.



Spend up to

Rewarded back in points










2. Subscription to the Loyalty Program

2. a Eligibility for the Loyalty Program:

Any new or existing customer who subscribes to the Loyalty Program (the “Loyal Customer”) will be instantly made part of the programme, and can earn points immediately. Points will accumulate when products are purchased in JustKidding Stores or Customers that purchase online need to complete the central registration form to complete their purchase which will add them instantly to the programme.

-Each customer is entitled to subscribe to one single Loyalty Program in the Territory. JustKidding reserves the right to request at any time documentation to verify the identity of a customer who wishes to subscribe to a Loyalty Program.

-All information disclosed by a customer must be complete, readable and usable to benefit from the Loyalty Program. Information disclosed must be kept up to date by being updated in-store, or by accessing the account online at

In order for the loyalty member to enjoy all benefits of the programme JustKidding must be provided with the customers up to date mobile phone no. JustKidding is not responsible for the non-receipt by a Loyal Customer of points or due to outdated or incorrect information.

2.b Eligibility of the tiers:

Each customer who starts the programme is automatically part of Bronze tier.


3. Interfaces Explained

First Time Online Customers: First time online customers will be directed to a Central Registration Form (CRF) so they may register before they place an order (will be automatically signed up for Loyalty Program). Upon completing registration, customers will be redirected to website.

Existing Online Customers: All existing registered customers on website will be notified upon their next log-in after the launch of Loyalty Program about the same and will be directed to CRF to complete their profile before they may place an order.

Walk-in In-store Customers: New In-store customers who opt to sign up for loyalty program will be registered in store; upon receiving the transaction of newly registered customer the system will forward SMS with temporary login credentials (ID and password) and link to CRF to client to complete their profile. Upon saving their profile online customer registration will be saved and points against their purchase will be awarded.

Registered customers who have completed their profile through CRF will have access to available Loyalty Cash Back amount upon log-in to website.

Customers upon completing their profile through CRF will be enrolled in the Loyalty Program and will be able to earn points through various activities setup by JustKidding Marketing Team. However, the primary source to gain points will be online and in store transactions.

4. General Conditions of the Scheme

- JustRewards scheme is not applicable for any employee of the DutchKid or JustKidding companies.

-This program overrides and replaces any other prior discounts or reward program of Justkidding General Trading LLC.

- This Program is currently not valid in the Justkidding Salam store.

- Redemption of points is only applicable online at the current time.

- Points are earned on each transaction over a period of time and are cumulative; the credit can only be redeemed against purchases and cannot be converted to cash.

- Points can be used and earned on discounted items.

- JustKidding General Trading LLC retains the right to make changes to the program and will notify members accordingly of any changes.

5. Personal Information and Data

As part of the Loyalty Program subscription, JustKidding General Trading LLCwill collect personal data about the subscribing Loyal Customer. This information will be used by JustKidding in order to enable JustKidding to provide the Loyalty Program, for example, in order to:
a) Keep track of the Loyal Customer’s purchase records;
b) Allocate points according to those purchase records;
c) Inform the Loyal Customer about promotions, news, brand offerings etc.;
d) Update JustKidding’s profiling of the Loyal Customer’s preferences so that JustKidding may tailor its products and services to better serve its customers throughout the Territory.

Loyal Customers who wish to have access, amend update or edit their profile, may do so in-store, or by visiting the website

JustKidding may save any data collected from its Loyal Customers for a period of one hundred (100) years after the Loyal Customer’s record is first created in JustKidding’s database records. However, if a person ceases to be a member of the Loyalty Program, JustKidding may delete the data related to him/her from the database earlier.

JustKidding shall be entitled to disclose any information or data collected from a Loyal Customer to the following entities:
a) JustKidding’s lawyers for purposes of legal advice, settlement of dispute or litigation to protect JustKidding’s interest;
c) Persons identified in a Court subpoena in compliance with any Court subpoena;
d) Any government institution who has made a lawful request for such data;
f) Where such disclosure is required by law.

6. Communications

Members will be sent news and special offers by email or sms. In the event a Loyal Customer no longer wishes to receive such news and offers, he/she is entitled to unsubscribe on-line.

7. Expiration of the scheme

Points will expire if an account remains inactive for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period with no activity, customer account will be reset to 0 points and will be downgraded by one level.

8. JustKidding’s Rights

JustKidding may modify these terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion. 
JustKidding may inform the Loyal Customer of changes to these terms and conditions via mail, email or at JustRewards members should regularly check the website for the latest version these terms and conditions.

JustKidding reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Loyalty Program for any reason at any time. In the event that JustKidding decides to terminate the Loyalty Program, all Loyal Customers will be informed by means of the contact information supplied by them. The Loyal Customer will then have thirty (30) days to redeem any benefits otherwise the accumulated points will be lost. In the event of termination and/or suspension of the Loyalty Program, JustKidding will not be held liable for any unused points. Furthermore, the Loyal Customer will have no legal recourse whatsoever against JustKidding in this respect and will not be entitled to any compensation in the event of modification or termination of the Loyalty Program.

9.Suspension and Deactivation

Loyal Customers must comply with the general conditions set out in these terms and conditions, and should adopt a fair behavior towards JustKidding. Accordingly, JustKidding reserves the right to suspend the JustRewards member or to permanently disable the rewards of a Loyal Customer (and therefore to cancel the benefits related to such scheme) by notifying the Loyal Customer in the event he/she abuses the scheme or otherwise harms JustKidding. In such a case the Loyal Customer will not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever, particularly in the following cases:

In the event of fraud, attempted fraud or theft by the Loyal Customer in any JustKidding Store; or In the event of misuse of the Loyalty Program by the Loyal Customer; or

In the event of conduct by the Loyal Customer that is likely to disrupt the operation of the Loyalty Program or the operation of any JustKidding Store; or

In the event of abnormally high number of transactions of purchases made on the same day and/or consecutive days; or

In case of default of payment which has not been remedied by the Loyal Customer within one (1) month following the notification from JustKidding in this respect; or

More generally, in the event of non compliance by the Loyal Customer with these terms and conditions.

Loyal Customers who require JustKidding to delete their data from JustKidding’s database must surrender their Loyalty scheme membership and will lose any loyalty points accumulated on that Loyalty scheme.


JustKidding is not responsible for any, direct or indirect, consequences or problems in regard to the Loyalty Program. Nevertheless, JustKidding will use its best efforts to ensure that the Loyal Customer can benefit from its accumulated points in case of malfunction of the Loyalty Program.