What is JustRegistry?

Having a baby shower? Planning your baby’s first birthday? Arranging a Christening or naming ceremony? We offer you one of our most exciting services our Gift Registry: "JustRegistry" It’s as simple as A B C. Just register your account and add items to your cart so your family and friends can log in, browse your selection and can buy the gift you chose straight from your list Need some inspiration? Simply check our recommendations once you have created your account.

How does it work?

A is for Add your details.
Create your JustRegistry account, providing us with all of your important information (name, phone, email, event details.

B is for Browse
Browse the items you want to receive as gifts. When you see an item you like, simply add it to your JustRegistry cart by clicking on “Add to Registry” underneath the “Add to cart” option.

C is for Code.
Once done, you will be able to send an email to all of your family and friends informing them about your JustRegistry list. They will receive a unique code so they can find your list and place an order for you, or they can simply find it by the name you registered with. We told you, it’s simple.